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House Party
Thundamentals - Smiles Don't Lie
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Smiles Don't Lie Released on
Thundamentals - So We Can Remember
Format: CD
Released: May 2014
Thundamentals - Smiles Don't Lie
Format: Download
Released: July 2013
Video for Smiles Don't Lie
Opening Lyrics
I've been sitting all day
Sitting here thinking about you
That's what I do, yeah
Main Lyrics
I've been sitting all day
Sitting here thinking everything about you
That's what I do

Complete Lyrics
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Triple J Program & DJDate and Time
Mid - Dawn with Karla Ranby 5/09/2016 5:28 AM
Drive with Veronica & Lewis 7/07/2016 5:08 PM
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by Caddybang on 20/12/2013 @ 11:04:16 AM
This song ****ing rocks

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House Party

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