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House Party
Faith In Plastics
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That summer the days seemed warmer than usual. With every new sighting of the bumblebees that resided down by the Old Oak Tree we felt that winter was leaving us. Winter having lasted much longer than it should have, it seemed that the scent of spring in the air was a mere pheromone for the beautiful mistress that the summer turned out to be.

Mum and dad said we should have been outside with all the other kids playing cricket in the sunshine, but our summer hadn’t started yet. Out in the yard, in the old shed that Rhys’ dad had cleared out for us in the latter part of August, we were jingle jangling our way into a passion that would become our most favourite thing in all the world over the next few years.

It was 2002 and the band didn’t even have a name yet. We spent most of our time that summer writing songs and playing them to friends. About half way through 2003 we gave ourselves a name. The whole town thought that “Faith in Plastics” was a pretty crazy name but we didn’t mind. The next two years were spent playing regular gigs around our good old town of Perth and in 2005 we put together our first record with producer Steve Bond, who had also produced for our friends The Panics, Snowman, The Bank Holidays and New Rules For Boats. In April of 2006, with the spirit of that first summer together still in our veins, we released "The Arctic Market" EP to a sold out Amplifier Bar.

Still jingling, still jangling and still from that same shed, one of our songs "Hate To Say It" got played on radio stations all around the country and even got a spin as the "Exposed" Artist on Triple J. "Hate to Say It" was later nominated for the WAM Song of the Year in the pop category and the band was nominated for "Best Newcomer" and "Best Indie/Pop Act" in the 2007 WAMi Awards.

Since the release of "The Arctic Market" in mid-2006 Faith in Plastics have supported and toured WA with some very nifty national and international acts including (in roughly chronological order):

* Josh Pyke
* The Panics
* Eskimo Joe
* Bob Evans
* The Panda Band
* Gyroscope
* The Dears
* Bit by Bats
* The Howling Bells
* Operator Please
* Expatriate
* Snow Patrol (Adam solo)

Though for some that fateful summer came and went, as the bumblebees disappeared and the winds changed for yet another year our summer of sunshine kept going, and we hope to share a bit of it with you.

Faith in Plastics are: Adam James (vocals, guitar and occasional glockenspiel), Rhys Davies (guitar, vocals and keyboards), Vaughan Davies (bass & vocals) and Dave Holley (drums). <<Less

Faith In Plastics
Faith In Plastics
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Hate To Say It 19/06/2006 7:05 PM
The 8th Of May 16/09/2007 9:51 AM
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House Party

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