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House Party

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1am to 6am Mid - Dawn
6am to 9am Breakfast
9am to 12pm Mornings
12pm to 3pm Lunch
3pm to 5.30pm Drive
6pm to 9pm Good Nights
9pm to 10pm Home And Hosed
Mid - Dawn on Monday mornings starts at 2am
Good Nights on Friday nights runs till 10pm
Home And Hosed is not aired on Friday nights
1am to 6am Mid - Dawn
SAT & SUN 6am to 10am Weekend Breakfast
SAT & SUN 10am to 2pm Weekend Lunch
SAT 2pm to 6pm Saturday Arvos
SAT 6pm to 9pm House Party
1am to 6am Mid - Dawn
SAT & SUN 6am to 10am Weekend Breakfast
SAT & SUN 10am to 2pm Weekend Lunch
SUN 2pm to 5pm Sunday Arvos
SUN 5pm to 6pm Sunday Live At The Wireless
SUN 6pm to 9pm 2017
SUN 9pm to 11pm The Hook Up
MON 10pm Roots 'N All
TUE 10pm The Racket
WED 10pm Short.Fast.Loud
THUR 10pm The Hip Hop Show
FRI 10pm The Friday Night Shuffle
SAT 9pm Mix Up
SUN 11pm Something More
J Play is currently a part-time operation - there will be some delay in posting the Specialist Program playlists. All prime-time playlists are usually added within 24 hours of airing
26th January 2017 The 2016 Hottest 100
26th January 2016 The 2015 Hottest 100
26th January 2015 The 2014 Hottest 100
26th January 2014 The 2013 Hottest 100
26th January 2013 The 2012 Hottest 100
26th January 2012 The 2011 Hottest 100
26th January 2011 The 2010 Hottest 100
26th January 2010 The 2009 Hottest 100
26th January 2009 The 2008 Hottest 100
26th January 2008 The 2007 Hottest 100
26th January 2007 The 2006 Hottest 100
8th & 9th June 2013 The Hottest 100: 20 Years
12th July 2009 The Hottest 100 Of All Time
1am to 6am Mid - Dawn
6am to 10am Summer Breakfast
10am to 2pm Summer Lunch
2pm to 6pm Summer Arvos
6pm to 10pm Summer Nights
10pm to 1am Late Summer Nights
Beat The Drum
Big Day Out
Festival Of The Boot
Impossible Music Festival 2007
Impossible Music Festival 2008
Impossible Music Festival 2010
Indecision '07
New Years Eve Party
Dalby (2 June 2012) One Night Stand
Sound Relief
Soundwave 2010
Splendour In The Grass
The Hottest 100 Live Special
The J Files
Unearthed Party Night
SUN 6pm to 9pm 2007
SUN 6pm to 9pm 2008
SUN 6pm to 9pm 2009
SUN 6pm to 9pm 2010
SUN 6pm to 9pm 2011
SUN 6pm to 9pm 2012
SUN 6pm to 9pm 2013
SUN 6pm to 9pm 2014
SUN 6pm to 9pm 2015
SUN 6pm to 9pm 2016
SUN 2pm to 5pm Bloody Sunday
Christmas Day 2008
SUN 9pm to 11pm Debate Night
3pm to 5.30pm Dools
3pm to 5:30pm Dools & Linda
TUE 10pm Full Metal Racket
SUN 2pm to 5pm Lazy Afternoons
New Years Day 2008
SAT 6pm to 9pm Pirate Radio
FRI 10pm Radio Funktrust
SAT 6pm to 9pm Saturday Night
6pm to 10pm Summer House Party
SUN 2pm to 5pm Sunday Arvos
SUN 9pm to 11pm Sunday Night
6pm to 9pm Super Request
SAT 1AM The Club
SUN 1am to 6am The Graveyard Shift
The Sam Simmons Experience
SUN 11pm The Sound Lab
The T'n'A Show
SUN 2pm to 5pm This Sporting Life
3pm to 5.30pm Tom & Alex
3pm to 5:30pm Top Shelf Radio

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Alabama Shakes - Sound & Color

Alabama Shakes
Don't Wanna Fight

E^ST - The Alley #2

The Alley

Jarryd James - Do You Remember

Jarryd James
Do You Remember

Urban Cone - Sadness Disease

Urban Cone
Sadness Disease

Miami Horror - Love Like Mine #5

Miami Horror
Love Like Mine

Vallis Alps - Young

Vallis Alps

Saskwatch - I'll Be Fine

I'll Be Fine

Dorsal Fins - Mind Renovation #8

Dorsal Fins
Mind Renovation

Soak - Sea Creatures #9

Sea Creatures

Meg Mac - Never Be

Meg Mac
Never Be

last updated:
1st January 2016

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House Party

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